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Please note: The information on this website is provided by Cosmocare Medical Center as Dubai STD Clinic for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice.


  • When it comes to STD testing & sexual Health Checkup, we know you have lots questions. We also know you might not want to ask your regular doctor about getting tested. That's okay! We're here to help. We've collected some of the most common questions we get asked so you can get the answers you need. We care about your health, your privacy and your peace of mind.

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Q: Why should I get tested for STD ?


Ans: Three reasons: health, safety and peace of mind. According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 19 million people will become infected with an STD this year. Many of these people won't even know it unless they experience symptoms. If you have an STD, getting tested can get you quickly connected to treatment and ongoing care, when appropriate. You'll be taking an important step to protect your sexual health and the health of your partners, too.



Q: Do I have to do full panel of STD testing or I can test for specific STD also?


Ans: Our Board certified physician will decide and customize the testing according to the sign and symptoms. And if any specialized test is recommended then it can be done along with regular STD testing.



Q: Can I get the same STD more than once ?


Ans: It's possible for example, you can be re–infected with chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis if you have unprotected sex with a partner who has the infection. If you are infected with an STD such as HIV or herpes, typically you will carry the virus for life. However, viral STDs can be managed successfully with ongoing treatment and care.



Q: What makes STD Test at Cosmocare different?


Ans: STD Test at Cosmocare is the best in two ways: we bring the medical expertise of board certified Physician with privacy, speed and affordability. Clinic is centrally located with easy reachable from any part of Dubai with ample parking space around the clinic. If you are taking public transport then, take bus from nearest Jafliya Metro station. 


We've helped many distressed and anxious people get tested and connected needy patients to treatment, either through our doctors or through referral to a appropriate Doctor.



Q: Do I need a doctor's order for STD tests?


Ans: Yes — Our Board certified doctor will issue testing order for you and one of trained staff will collect the blood and urine sample. Which will send to one of the ISO certified lab.



Q: Is a physical exam required for STD?


Ans: It depends on your symptoms, if there is no symptom then No physical examination requires. Test only require a blood and/or urine sample. You won't need to undress or deal with any uncomfortable swabbing.



Q: Do I need to fast before taking an STD test?


Ans: No. There's no fasting or special preparation for any of our tests. If you have started any antibiotic inform the Doctor and ideally sample should be given before starting antibiotics.



Q: How private is your service?


Ans: Confidentiality is one of our core values and we take it very seriously.

Our communications with you are always discreet. 


When you walk into our center it's never crowded and staff is non judgmental. Even you can make your registration online and just present your telephone no, so no one in the waiting room will know why you are there.


We try to protect your privacy at every step of testing STD.



Q: Is your lab result is authentic where you send for testing?


Ans: We work with ISO certified state-of-the-art lab testing groups to offer patients a fast, affordable, and hassle-free testing experience.

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